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Tuning Peg Set-Scroll


Set of 4 tuning pegs – 4 to 1 gear ratio for Scroll type peghead. Requires a 3/8 dia hole and a mounting surface between 11/32 and 7/16 thick.

Waltzes for the Mountain ...


by Heidi Muller

A delightful combination of waltzes, dance tunes, old Celtic airs and songs with lyrics and some of Heidi’s own compositions. Most of music is in DAD tuning and uses the 6 1/2 fret; keys include D, G, E-minor and B-minor. The arrangements span all levels of playing, from one-finger melodies to ornate fingerpicking. Companion CD included.

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WALWORTH Mountain Dulcime...


Mountain Dulcimer Capo
Fits All size instruments. Well designed single lever locking action.
Beautiful Brass construction for dependable tone quality.