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Melodies and More for Mou...


by Martha Einan


Melodies and More contains 30 beautiful arrangements for mountain dulcimer, including 25 traditional tunes from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and five original tunes by Martha Einan.

Merry Christmas


by Linda Thomas


Originally written as a companion to the recording “Merry Christmas” this book may certainly be used independently. The notation is, with few exceptions, the arrangements Linda played on the recording.

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Micarta Fretboard


Micarta Fretboard

Is made Of A Man Made Product To Use As A Upgrade To The Standard Fretboard Instead Of An Ebony Fret Board Upgrade.
(Hard To Tell The Difference By Looks Or Sound Of The Micarta Fretboard, But Less Expensive Than Ebony)
(This Item Is Only Available With A New Dulcimer)

(This Is A Add On To A New Dulcimer Instrument ) You Must Be Purchasing A Dulcimer To Purchase This Item.
(This Item Is Only Available With A New Dulcimer)

More Notes on a Hammered ...


by Ed Hale

A collection of tunes with tablature to indicate how to play them. Book is intended for players who know the basics. Most are Scotish country dance tunes.

Mountain Dulcimer in the ...


by Bing Futch

Experience playing with an ensemble in your own home with 16 popular Christmas songs with backing tracks on CD. Each song features a basic tablature which includes melody and chords in various tempos and keys. On the two included discs are the backing tracks for each tune with the straight melody and then examples of variations and improvisation on mountain dulcimer. Then, there are the backing tracks minus the mountain dulcimer so you can play along.

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