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Dulcified on Tin Pan Alle...


by Tull Glazener

Book and CD

The songs of the Tin Pan Alley era remained popular (hence their name) and are still sung today. Over the years, however, it is often only the chorus that most people remember. The tunes in Dulcified on Tin Pan Alley reflect this, but when possible, the verses have also been included. Includes CD. D-A-D tuning with some capo, Intermediate to Advanced.

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Dulcimer Builders Referen...


by Scott Antes


This manual is not intended to replace existing dulcimer-building books, but rather is designed to be a companion to any such work(s). Instead of describing one way to construct a fine dulcimer, this manual offers the builder a choice between several equally good ways to make each and every component of the instrument.

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Dulcimer Chord Chart


by Lee “Drew” Andrews


Chord reference chart for Aeolian Mode D-A-CC, Ionian Mode D-A-AA and Mixolydian Mode D-A-DD.