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Dancing Man


Dancing Man or Lumberjack toy comes with a paddle.  You place the paddle handle under your leg, stand the man on paddle and use your fist or hand to make the paddle bounce to make him dance.  Be sure not to place the paddle too far under your leg so that it won’t bounce.

David Schnaufer Poster, P...


This wonderful poster was drawn by Judy Beier as a tribute to David Schnaufer for all his contribution and dedication to the Mountain Dulcimer.  Titled “All My Children” the accompanying letter tells a great story about David, also included is a picture.

DNA* Dulcimer Ditties, Bo...


by Carol Walker

In Book 3 you’ll find longer and more complex arrangements, you’ll be challenged by unfamiliar chord shapes, lively rhythms, and you’ll even encounter some right-handed fretting, two-handed tapping, and string-bending techniques.
They have been put into an order that will give you a good workout from the very first page, but every now and then you’ll discover an arrangement that will seem easier than the others. Think of it as a reward for hard work well done along the way!

More by Carol Walker Click Here

Double Dulcimer Case


Double dulcimer case in burgundy fabric with black nylon lining. Padded with sewn-in divider and zippered pocket on the front. Handle and shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 37 inches deep by 8 inches square with a 1/2 inch divider in center

If purchasing a new dulcimer, the Double Case is available as an upgrade for $25.00.

Standard shipping rates for this case by USPS is $15.00 and UPS varies by state.

Dr. Duck’s Ax Wax ...


Dr. Duck’s Ax Wax is an excellent product for cleaning your instrument and strings. It contains no wax, abrasives, synthetics, silicones or acids. Must be shipped by UPS, the U.S. Post Office will not let us mail it.



The Caverns have cancelled our permit for this event due to a possible threat to the rare species of bats that live in the caves.


As part of the 2020 Ozark Roots Music Workshops, these wonderful teachers will play in the Blanchard Springs Caverns on Friday and Saturday nights.  Tickets are sold only at Dulcimer Shoppe.  Indicate your preference of night, it will be first come first served. Tickets will be held for pickup at the store until an hour before the concert or they can be picked up at the Caverns.

The concert was sold out last year, so buy your tickets early!  $20.00 per person

Click here for location of event


You will be able to pick-up tickets up to one hour before event at McSpadden Dulcimer Shoppe (map), after that the tickets will be available at Blanchard Springs Caverns.


FYI – if charged shipping for tickets we will refund the shipping charge.