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Image Shown To Left Is With A Micarta Fretboard Overlay At A Additional Cost, View Link Below For Reduced Prices.
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4 String, Flat Peghead, Hourglass with Cherry back, sides and Spalted Sycamore top.  comes with padded Navy nylon case.  **Upgrading to a Pro Foam case will increase shipping.  Shipping costs may vary and you will receive a refund or request for additional funds through PayPal.

This McSpadden dulcimer has a 26″ vibrating string length with the same body as the Standard 28 1/2″ and is tuned in the Key of D with 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets included.  This instrument comes tuned in D-A-dd, if you would like it in D-A-AA please add this option from the option page at No Additional Charge. From that setup you can use any of the common tunings.  Standard case, pick, noter, instruction book and warranty included.  Strap buttons will be installed to match the Tuning Pegs.

Available options with this dulcimer include:  Ebony or Micarta Fretboard Overlay; Squeakless Strings, Extra Frets, Pro Case Upgrade (foam core); Built-in Pickup; Black or Gold Tuning Pegs; Strap Buttons (Black or Gold).

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Weight 7 lbs