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Dulcimer Chords DVD


by Joe Carr

This great mountain dulcimer DVD shows clearly how to make different chords. Using the popular DADD tuning, Joe shows step-by-step fingerings for many useful chord forms.

Hammer Dulcimer


by John McCutcheon

A comprehensive beginner’s course 90 minute dvd. Includes diagrams on file on DVD to view or print.

Hammered Dulcimer IMPROV!


by Jess Dickinson

This book has two purposes, First, it will teach you to understand how tunes are arranged, and to develop your own arrangements, both of songs you already know how to play, and those you wish to learn. Second, the book is designed to teach you to chart a song using the Nashville Numbering System(NNS), so that you easily can play the chords in the song in more than one key. You will also learn to recognize and play several common chords progressions that work for thousands of songs, and you will begin to recognize chord changes when you hear them.

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