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Southern Mountain Dulcimer


by Wayne Erbsen


16 Classic Melodies arranged for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Dulcimer.
Arkansas Traveler, Chicken Reel, Cluck Old Hen, Fisher’s Hornpipe, Hogeye, John Henry, Leather Britches, Little Rosewood Casket, Mississippi Sawyer, Old Spinning Wheel, Red Rocking Chair, Shady Grove, Soldier’s Joy, State of Arkansas Uncle Joe and When You and I Were Young, Maggie

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Standard and Baritone Duets by Larry Conger – 2 Books


The Standard dulcimer uses DAD and DGD tunings, requires a 1 1/2 fret with some Capo.  The Baritone dulcimer is tuned to GDG.  This book is for an Intermediate level player.

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Standard and Bass Dulcimer Arrangements


by Larry Conger

Two books. (one standard and one bass)

A collection of arrangements that include blues, gospel, pop, Celtic and old time Americana.  Larry and Elaine have included 3 of Larry’s original songs that have become favorites in the dulcimer community.  Some duets, some trios in DAD tuning with some capo, both dulcimers require a 1 1/2 fret.

Free downloadable audio tracks available at

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Such Singing You Will Hear


by Elwood Donnelly

35 Songs of the Carter Family for Mountain Dulcimer, Backup & Voice

We have taken great pains to put the notes down as we heard them, rather than what’s in our heads from so many other artists who have sung and/or recorded songs of The Original Carter Family. We believe you will find these versions to be very close to the original recordings.

The 3-string Choir


by Tull Glazener

Book and CD

A collection of 25 lovely hymns in multi-parts, one to 5 parts all in DAdd tuning. A wonderful source for ensemble playing, in tab and notation (melody line). Comes with a comprehensive CD with some parts separate for practice purposes.

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