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What strings should I use on my dulcimer?
Last Updated: 09/02/2009
There is a lot of personal preference in determining the “best” strings for your dulcimer. Our standard dulcimers come with the McSpadden Ionian string set. This is a good general purpose string set that can be used with a wide variety of tunings and styles of play. If you expect to tune almost always in Mixolydian (DAD), “New Ionian” (DGD), or Aeolian (DAC) tunings then you may prefer to switch to the McSpadden Mixolydian string set to obtain a better balanced sound with easier fretting of the melody strings. We recommend that you have us compensate your bridge to match if you select this string set.

Visit the Accessories area of this website to see the listing of available string sets with their intended instrument type and tuning.

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