• $525 Is The base Price


    4 String Ginger, Flat Peghead, Hourglass with Cherry top, back and sides. Comes with a padded Teal nylon case.   Shipping costs may vary and you will receive a refund or request for additional funds through PayPal.

    McSpadden Ginger Models are smaller dulcimers with a 23 3/16" fretboard that can provide a high (Key of G) clear voice similar to that of a mandolin. On request they can be set up in the Key of D to be used as a smaller standard dulcimer for players who have difficulty reaching positions on a standard size fretboard. The voice remains bright and clear whichever key is chosen. The standard setup is G-D-GG. Optional setups are G-d-DD, D-A-DD, and D-A-AA. Included are 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets, Teal nylon padded case, pick & noter and warranty. When set up in Key of D a beginner instruction book is provided and for Key of G setups an extra set of strings is substituted for the book.  Strap buttons are included.  No case upgrade is available for the Ginger.

    Available options available include: Strap Buttons (Black or Gold); Upgrade to Black or Gold Tuning Pegs; Squeakless Strings.

    The dulcimer shown is an example of this model. All wood grain varies therefore each dulcimer will be unique.