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How long does it take to make a dulcimer?
This is a difficult question to answer clearly because we don’t really start and build one dulcimer at a time. We make the basic parts in large batches so when we need to build a dulcimer we have part
I can’t read music – can I still play a dulcimer?
The answer is a clear yes, if you really want to. Music that is arranged for dulcimers is written out in a number system to tell you where to place your fingers. Also the dulcimer is a simple instrume
What are the best aids to learning to play?
Different people learn in different ways. Lots of players find that with the simplicity of the dulcimer they are able to teach themselves. We stock several excellent beginner instruction materials inc
What if I order a dulcimer and find that I don’t like it?
We try very hard to help you determine the best dulcimer for you and to be sure you understand what to expect from it. If after all that, you receive a standard dulcimer that does not please you, you
What is “bridge compensation” and do I need it?
On any fretted instrument, when you press the string down behind a fret to change the note, you are stretching the string and changing the tension. This causes the note that is produced to be higher (
What is the best wood for a dulcimer?
There is no simple answer to this question as there is a lot of personal preference involved. Any good hardwood could be used to make the body and the choice of wood for the top can include softwoods
What strings should I use on my dulcimer?
There is a lot of personal preference in determining the “best” strings for your dulcimer. Our standard dulcimers come with the McSpadden Ionian string set. This is a good general purpose string set t