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Dulcimer Shoppe Charm
Our Price: $3.50

Dulcimer Shoppe Charm-for bracelet or anything else!
Super cute.
7/8" tall
Mountain Dulcimer Jam Session Cheat Sheet by UpCreek
Our Price: $5.00

Mountain Dulcimer Jam Session Cheat Sheet
D-A-D Mixolydian Tuning
Hymns of the Old Camp Ground by Wayne Erbsen
Our Price: $5.95

Over 50 Great Old-Time Camp Meeting Gospel Songs with words, music & history.
Squeakless 6 String MIXOLYDIAN KEY OF D
Our Price: $7.60

The wound strings int his set uses a flat ribbon winding so they have no ridges. 1st,2nd & 6th-.010"Plain Steel. 3rd and 4th .012" Plain Steel.
5th .022" Phosphor Bronze Wound.
Let's Jam! Vol. 4 The Celtic Edition by Kendra Ward & Bob Bence
Our Price: $12.00

Here are 70 Celtic Session tunes to build your repertoire! These tunes are typical of the jigs, slip jigs, reels and waltzs played by lovers of traditional Celtic music throughout the world!
Black Aluminum Music Stand
Our Price: $12.00

Black aluminum music stand
Lullabies and Other Lilting Melodies for Dulcimer by Lorinda Jones
Our Price: $14.99

The contents of the book are divided, almost equally, under the headings of Lullabies, Classical Selections, and Folk Melodies. All are arranged for the mountain dulcimer in 1-5-8(Mixolydian tuning), except for one in 1-4-8 (Reversed Ionian tuning). Along with the tablature notation, traditional music notation indicates the melody, suggested chords, and lyrics for many of the songs.
School Of Dulcimer
Our Price: $14.99

A Musical notation Journey with Modes, Tunings and Songs.

Aunt Rhody's Step Up by Red Dog Jam
Our Price: $15.00

An Intermediate book of Folk Songs and Happy Music in D-A-D. This book adds step by step techniques to assist you in reaching the Intermediate Level.
Dulcimers for David, Too! by Debbie Porter
Our Price: $15.00

Dulcimers for Daivd, Too!
CD created in memory of and as a thank you to David Schnaufer for his inspiration, his music and his musical spirit. All proceeds go to buy dulcimers for children.