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McSpadden Custom Dulcimers

McSpadden custom dulcimers have the same body and peghead shapes as our standard dulcimers. The customization is in the wood species and features. They are offered in any of the voices including Ginger, standard, 26 inch, baritone, bass or dulci-banjo. A standard, 26 inch or baritone may be a six string. The features that distinguish custom models from standard models are:

  • Choice of wood species: In addition to the standard walnut or cherry body and walnut, cherry, spruce, redwood or sycamore top, options include curly maple, quilted maple or koa and, for the top, western red cedar.
  • Ebony fretboard overlay with decorative inlays plus (flat pegheads only) overlay and decorative inlay on the peghead. Scroll style pegheads do not have an overlay or inlay. Micarta overlay instead of ebony is available on request.
  • Contrasting joining strip down the center of the book matched back.
  • Black/White/Black purfing strip inlaid around the top.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Upgrade case (except Ginger).
All options available for standard models are also offered on customs to include (flat pegheads only) black or gold tuning pegs, pickups, pick guards, strap buttons and additional frets up to full chromatic.

We do not offer options on the sound hole designs. Hourglass shaped bodies and dulci-banjos have heart sound holes, teardrop shaped bodies (except the dulci-banjo) have f style holes.
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Custom Instrument and Options
Our Price: $1,050.00

Please read the "Customs" section under Categories for body and top options.  The pictured Custom is a 6 String Hourglass Koa body and top.